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A Current Resource Inverter (CSI) is a type of variable frequency drive (VFD) which converts inbound AC voltage as well as varies the frequency as well as voltage supplied to the AC Induction Motor. The general configuration of this type of VFD is like that of various other VFDs in that it consists of a Converter, DC Link, and also Inverter. In order to preserve the right voltage to regularity (Volt/Hertz), the voltage should be regulated by the correct sequencing of the SCRs. The DC Link for this kind of variable regularity drive utilizes an inductor to control the present ripple as well as to keep the energy made use of by the electric motor. The inverter, which is accountable for transforming the DC Voltage back to an AC sine-like waveform, includes SCRS, entrance turn-off thyristors (GTOs) or symmetrical gate-commutated thyristors (SGCTs).

How to Manage the Rate of an AC Electric Motor