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Frankfurt am Main for tourists

"Cassie Ames" (2019-04-28)

Almost everyone who have been to Frankfurt am Main think of this city as of a multinational giant, which could be compared to American Chicago or New York. And it comes as no surprise since the citys calling card are its 300-hundred meters high Skyline, which houses offices of the biggest companies, and almost every financial piece of news from European Union starts with words Frankfurt Stock Exchange& And truly, during the period from the end of the Second World War, Frankfurt has gained the reputation of German financial and banking capital.

Almost destroyed during the war, it was renovated and got its new unique architectural look. However, building a house is easier than changing its residents. This refers to Frankfurt too. To understand the historical spirit of Frankfurt, you will have to forget about its skyscrapers and have a walk along its old imperial streets.

The name Frankfurt could be referred to two cities: one standing on the river Main in the state of Hesse, the other (considerably smaller) not far from the Polish boarder. Frankfurt am Main, the one we are talking about, is the administrative centre of the Western Germany and the place for many huge trade fairs, called Messe. Lots of German treasures are also produced in the city, and great part of profits is spent on its art. That is why there are so many excellent museums and galleries here (many of them are free on Wednesdays).


Old Town. The Old Town will give you a brief introduction to what the city was during the period from the early Middle Ages and till the Second World War. For this, visit the reconstructed Romeberg. Some of its buildings were erected in the 14th and 15th centuries. The district is located in the city centre next to the bank of the Main river.

Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral stands next to Romeberg, and it is one of the largest cathedrals of the Merovingian time. In the 14th 18th centuries kings of the Holy Roman Empire were elected here.

Museumsufer is the museum embankment. A visit to one of local museums is a real must for everyone who is fond of arts. The most prominent museums are: Stadtel Museum (Schaumaimkanal 63) with a stunning collection of European paintings, Deutsche Architekturmuseum (museum of architecture), Museum of German Cinema, Icon Museum and others.


Like any other European megapolis, Frankfurt has lots of restaurants which offer dishes from all over the world. For instance, Ginger Brasserie restaurants serves all kinds of Asian food, from Japanese susi to Indian tandoori and Thai seafood.

So-called apple-wine taverns are typical for Frankfurt. The taverns serve Ebbelwoi (cider) with Handkase mit Musik local specialty. Best taverns are located at the Alt Sachsenhausen district: Lorsbacher Tal, Wagner Adolf, Zum Gemalten Haus.

Whenever you are in Bornheim district, Mandiri99 visit typical German Cafe Gegenwart restaurant to try German dishes. This is rather a stylish place with a verandah and pleasant atmosphere.

Clubs and Bars.

Frankfurt has a great variety of night entertainment venues, For instance, jazz is very popular here, and many famous jazz musicians give their concerts at the citys halls, Jazzkeller and Jazz-Kneipe among them. Sinkkasten is the place to go to when you want to listen to rock and reggae music. Mousonturm club offers a typical German performance: political cabaret and various dance programmes.