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Most referred app for OST to PST conversion:

"Elvira Dunlap" (2019-04-19)

Converting the files saved in the OST format is essential for the safety of ones data from all kinds of risks of corruption. A tool which makes the process easy and user-friendly is the OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. It takes the responsibility of the whole task and provides error-free output in the least time possible. The features of this app provide a smooth data conversion experience to the clients and let them explore the possibilities of easy data conversion process with maximum safety.

Smart features of the OST Extractor Pro:

This converter tool by USL Software is the panacea to the usual problems of data corruption and slow speed. There is nil chance of data corruption with this app since it has got all the steps of the process figured out and presents it to the client in the form of a few simple steps. It is extremely easy to use. Being fully automated, it does not require the client to carry even a single step on his/her own. The batch conversion technique also helps to speed up the conversion process according to the will of the client.

The multiple language recognition scheme of this tool is quite helpful for converting mail files. The non-English language files get converted easily by this app without the risk of corruption. All languages, even the ones using double-byte characters are converted using this app with precision. This feature is helpful to foreign language students too.

Talking of precision, the OST Extractor Pro is the best deliverer of this service. convert ost to pst moulded during the process and the hierarchy of the files remains intact too. Components like double-byte characters, metadata, headers, attachments, images, Unicode etc. are maintained in the intact form, unlike other apps which may influence their structure or may even cause them to go missing.

Apart from conversion, this tool also manages the arrangement of files perfectly. Either it will put them the files in the old order as it found them before the conversion or in a new one which is arranged according to the order of hierarchy. Files are arranged into order of folder and subfolder for the convenience of the client. Also, the scattered files are put into a single Outlook folder so that the client can find them at a single place whenever needed.

Attachment files and nested messages are the first few to be left behind from the conversion process if the converter is not efficient enough. The OST Extractor Pro on the other hand picks out these files carefully, irrespective of the component of the files. This makes sure that no mail file is incomplete. Also, the tool lets the client choose the format of the output files. The client can choose from the various options available- PST, EML, RGE, Postbox, 채팅 etc.

A mini demo version of this tool has been made available which has got all the major features unlocked. MAC can use our helpline number for inquiries. They can also contact us via mails and chat.