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How to write articles for beginners

"Carmine Longshore" (2019-04-04)

How To Turn Easy To Write 750 Word Articles Into An Unstoppable Money Machine That Will Bring In A Good Income For The Life Span Of The InternetThe funny thing is, I use to think I had to write mammoth 400 page ebooks and provide everybit of information on a topic to make any money at all, but what I found is, I make more money by keeping everything short and to the point. People want to learn something and they want to learn it quickly. So here are the methods below that I'm going to show you how to profit from articles. * How To Write Articles So Quickly And Easily You Could Churn Out 50 To 100 In A Day * How To Write Articles To Profit From Adsense * How To Write Articles To Profit From Affiliate Programs Instantly * How To Write Articles To Profit From Affiliate Programs For Long Term Money * How To Write Articles For Viral Income * Other Ways To Profit From Articles
How To Write Articles So Quickly And Easily You Could Churn Out 50 To 100 In A DayWhat most people don't realise is that the work is already done for them, they don't need to come up with unique content from the top of their heads, they just need to look at here for what is already out there and improve on it. Every possible topic has been covered and covered well by someone, but most of the time these people don't even want to profit from their work, they do it for the fun of it, which is great for you. While you can't steal these people's hardwork, (we wouldnt want to anyway, we want to profit from our work) you can use their ideas and learn from their content to write your own. Anyone can become an expert enough in a subject to write a 750 word article on it in minutes if you have the write content in front of you. I'm skipping ahead of myself here, but I'm going to tell you where to find this content now, then tell you how to come up with article ideas afterwards. When I come up with an article idea I go directly to the source of the Internet's content. Online bulletin boards, FAQ pages and Article directories! Everytime I need to learn about something to write about it or just for the heck of it, I go to these places......
Everything I could ever want to know about nearly every subject known to man I can find for free there, if you're willing to dig for it. All I then do is disect all the information out of the articles, re write them into my words and add a snazzy article title. So say you wanted to write an article or articles on fly fishing to promote a fly fishing ebook thru, here's what I would do. I would go to and type in fly fishing and see what questions people were asking. I would also go to and type in fly fishing and see what articles are already written and how many people have viewed them so you can tell which article topics are the most popular. Then when I wanted to start writing my article I'd go to and look at here there for fly fishing Frequently Asked Questions and rewrite that content in my own words for my own articles. ****DISCLAIMER***** I don't mean steal other peoples content when I say rewrite. I mean use the FAQ's are a place to research a topic and then use that research as a bases for your articles. Your articles don't have to be masterpieces that are 5000 words in length, infact it will help your sales if you keep them short 500 to 750 words and you give your readers information they can instantly use and implement.
The most important part to your article is your article title, it will make or break your article. When people read articles they want information that they can use straight away. Say for you instance you're writing about how to get your baby to sleep better at night, then you'd want a title something like this. "6 Easy Steps For A Better Nights Sleep For You And Your Baby That You Can Implement Tonight!" Ok, that's not perfect but you get the idea. I've found if you're targeting the Internet Marketing niche you'll find your articles will get a better response and you will make more sales if you give people a plan they can use to make money straight away from your article. For instance, let's say your promoting the "Google Cash" ebook that shows people how to make money with Google Adwords, you could write articles on the following.... How you made money following the formula in the ebook. Give them a well thought out business plan they can steal and use as their own. Or even.... Tell them how you failed using the Google Cash method but another method worked for you. People love a story, success story or even a failure.

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