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Insider Tips on How to Style Flare and Wide Leg Denim

"Ward Sutcliffe" (2019-03-13)

Move over skinny jeans, your time is now over! Flare and wide leg denim are creating a big comeback in 2019 and it is not difficult to notice why; they lenghten the legs, are absolutely comfortable, and give a retro 70's vibe that is fashion right now. If you're feeling uneasy about tossing your loved one pair of tight denim, do not fret we will help you transition. Check out tips on how to make flare and wide leg jeans for the year.

Find the Perfect Fit

97095-v5am_ind_1.jpgYour wide legged jeans must complement, not overwhelm you. It's important with flare jeans that they've the proper inseam for your body type. If your jeans wide hemline is dragging on to the floor when you wear them, they'll look messy rather than becoming a great fashion look. Select flare jeans that hit your shoes just right so they will will not conceal them when you walk. With wide leg jeans, buy a pair that is not too baggy so that they accentuate your legs, not have it appear extra large. High-waisted denim like as this Tractr pair are perfect because they add length to your torso and cinch your waist, making sure that you do not look as wide as your pants!

Structure on the top

A golden rule of thumb of fashion is to harmonize the fit of the outfit. If your bottom is baggy or too wide, then your top end up being slim-fitted. It's very hard to put off an all-over wide fit without it appearing slack. Therefore, while your jeans are already wide, wear a top that normalizes it out instead of adding to it. A classic jean jacket, for example our Tractr denim jacket, will slim your ensemble down very nicely. If you’re sporting a flowy top, tuck it in so that it doesn't keep the wideness of your pants. The primary issue then is simplicity, your jeans should be the main focus, and anything may distract from may make your ensemble look sloppy instead of coordinated.

Footwear Options are Important

While flare and wide leg jeans widen at the bottom, they're simply a large arrow aiming at your fotwear. Therefore, you may want to be sure that your shoes match well with your jeans. The key is to emphasize your shoe size to match your bold shorts. Clunky loafers and cross training shoes are usually thought of as taboo to wear with wide jeans as they quite simply ruin the silhouette, thereby adding bulkiness and making your bottom half appear messy. Rather, boots, wedges, and heels are advised because their height flows into your jeans, also adding additional structure to your outfit. If you'd like to sport flats, sneakers, or sandals, make certain they are simple with no embellishments. Your pants are the star of the scene in fact!

Buy Wide Leg Denim at Tractr

With these few basic tips, you will be on your way to achieving the flare jean trend faultlessly. If you're searching for more inspiration, buy online at Tractr Jeans. Our top-quality jeans are always in front of the trends and are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. We have the perfect clothes for any situation, whether you are wishing for to enhance your jeans up or down! Shop Tractr online now.