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How to send money via Instagram and WhatsApp with Facebook Pay

"Ross Broughton" (2019-12-02)

sim cardHow to send money via Instagram and WhatsApp with Facebook Pay
After Google and Apple, of course, Facebook is not going to be left behind. With Facebook Pay, the social media giant has now introduced its own payment method, Facebook Pay, which is now being launched in the United States. In order for the payment service to function with the necessary delay, it is mainly a payment system integrated into the networks.
But Facebook also wants to make a name for itself as a rival of Apple Pay and Google Pay. In-App purchases, as well as normal external payments, should be possible with Facebook Pay, provided - and this could be the catch at the beginning - corresponding money purchasers support and accept Facebook Pay in their terminals and payment systems.
Liquid through the Facebook world
The first step in introducing Facebook Pay, however, is to integrate it into your own networks. Facebook has the upper hand here right from the start and can educate users, so to speak. Money for purchases or services can be paid in Facebook Messenger or via WhatsApp. Money can also be sent to other users according to the PayPal principle - probably the much larger market. In addition, donations are to be processed via Facebook Pay. The start is made by Messenger and Facebook itself. WhatsApp and Instagram will be connected later.
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The social media aspect is also the one that makes Facebook Pay interesting. Sending money via WhatsApp has long been part of speculation and desire.
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Leave your wallet at home, it's time to pay with your smartphone
Means of payment, security and data protection
Initially, users use credit cards and PayPal as payment methods for Facebook Pay. In terms of security, Facebook builds on existing infrastructures and works closely with PayPal and Stripe. The payment procedure is directly protected by the allocation of a PIN and by in-depth monitoring, which also checks the payment behavior for inconsistencies.
In the Facebook Pay area of the app, every user also has the option of viewing his or her own payment history and thus checking it himself or herself. In the case of transactions via Facebook Pay, according to Facebook, only the data necessary and relevant for the payment is transmitted. This is data protection relevant for the future, because as long as Facebook is both the sender and recipient of a payment, all data remains in a cosmos.
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How to get started
You can start using Facebook Pay on Facebook or Messenger by following the procedure below:
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Go to Settings > Facebook Pay on the Facebook app or website
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The next time you make a payment, use Facebook Pay
Once Facebook Pay is available on WhatsApp and Instagram, you’ll be able to set it up directly within each app.
Do you use a mobile payment service? Would you use Facebook Pay when it comes to your region? Let us know in the comments below.