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"Lin Brauer" (2020-02-01)

chatroom-1024x447.jpg The entire front of the ship was glowing white hot, and its massive rear thrusters were ablaze, propelling the craft to catch up to us. The craft was nudging closer to us, its nose angled up, and its wing sliding below what was left of our ship. It was tight, and it took both of us, but I managed to squeeze him through. It cut its main engines and fired front mounted retro thrusters as it pulled up even with us, only about 50 meters out. They immediately ushered us out of the air lock and into a room that looked like it served the same purpose as our crew quarters. There was a jolt as the mag lock pulled the ships together and clamped down. The protease inhibitors prevent this breakdown of proteins and therefore slows down the production of new virus particles. He nodded solemnly and sprinted down the tunnel, scooping the field kit on his way.


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