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Hauz Khas Village

"Alisa Secrest" (2020-01-01)

All food connoisseurs are on a constant hunt for great restaurants in Delhi. They leave no stone unturned to lessen their insatiable hunger for fine food. They always find their way back to Hauz Khas Village in South Delhi after tasting various delicacies at several restaurants in other parts of Delhi. Many people flock to Hauz Khas Village to eat and chill at one of the numerous cafes and restaurants available.

One such restaurant in Hauz Khas is Smoke House Deli. Known for the European and Italian cuisines, this place will have you coming back for more. If you are a burger fan and are always on a look out for kickass burgers in Delhi, your search ends here. With a wide variety of Tenderloin burgers, Chicken burgers, Lamb burgers, and Vegetarian burgers, this place will have you spoilt for choice.

The best part about going to a restaurant in Hauz Khas is the ambiance of the whole place. I have been to Hauz Khas Village ample times and the mood of the place is very different from the rest of the places. You would find people entering at 11 p.m. without any fear or hesitation. According to me, that place is the 'Mumbai' of India. You would find many foreigners having a great time with their friends and family. It is a must-visit place for all Delhi-ites. If you are planning to visit Smoke House Deli, do visit it in the morning as their breakfast menu is absolutely fantastic. All restaurants in Hauz Khas are flooded with people on weekends, so if you are coming from far off, try coming on a weekday. This valuable piece of advice would save you from the enormous traffic and hours of waiting.

Even though Hauz Khas Village contains the word 'village', it is far from that. It is an uptown place for all those inclined to have a great time, with food of course. You would be amazed to see people of all ages roaming around the complex. It was hard to believe when I found out there are around 70 restaurants and cafes packed together. Every craving of yours would be satisfied at one place. If you do a research of all the eateries, I am sure you would find all possible cuisines available there. You would also be pleased to know about the beautiful fort and the lake in the complex. If you have never visited this place before, now is the time!

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