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sex with a young nurse

por Marylou Hummel (2019-12-22)

Hello everyone, my name is Ruslan, I am 23 years old, I am studying at the Institute as a doctor. On the first day of work, I met a first-year student of a college, she studied as a nurse and finished the first year and went through practice. This was a girl of short stature with long hair and beautiful eyes, her name was Marina. I went to the bedroom with Marina. I sat on the bed and pulled off a bathrobe from Marina in front of me were 3 sizes breasts with convex nipples. I laid Marina on the bed and began eagerly kissing her collarbone and lowering her breasts; I kissed her belly navel; caressing her; I went down even lower and made her a cooney from which Marina began to moan and hold the pillow with her hands, pull it in different directions and inserted two fingers into the vagina and began to kiss and lick the clitoris after Cooney. Marina began to give me a blowjob unbuttoning my belt and fly on jeans. Marina saw that I already had a dick, when Marina pulled off my jeans, she saw my dick 20 cm long. Marina began to gently kiss and lick the head of my dick while conducting her tongue down the trunk of my dick she kissed my eggs when Marina took him in the mouth I felt like she was eagerly trying to swallow it completely Marina had seizures and urges to vomit, but Marina didn’t stop doing a deep blowjob field 2 minutes blow job I put Marina in Zu Doggies and Entered her vagina she was so narrow and not deep that I felt the head of the cervix Marina screamed moaning and tried to break out of my hands after classic sex I said Marina I want you in the ass Marina didn’t mind we went to the bathroom where Marina disconnected the hose from the watering and made an enema by cleansing her intestines and began to insert it. Marina groaned, cried, but continued to give after AS, Best Teen Porn Club I took out my penis and ended on her chest, then we took a shower and fell asleep in the same bed together.