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A Good Mom

"Kit Karpinski" (2019-12-12)

Do we take our mothers for granted? I think we do but, then again it is all just a chain reaction. Your mom probably took her mom for granted as well. It is hard to say that we use our moms in most cases. Some people totally take advantage of their mom knowing she will never be able to say no. It is more of an understanding between your mother and yourself. You know that your mom always sees you as her child no matter how old you are. She changed your diapers, she taught you how to walk and talk. She was your foundation and one in only being in your life from the beginning. The bond between a mother and child is like no other. It can't be broke no matter how much you may hate each other. You are connected. You came from her body and you are completely apart of her. The power and the emotional effect a mother has on your life is huge. It plays a large roll on how you will turn out in the future and what you will become. Your mom might make you smile, she might make you cringe, she might make you feel hate or you may have never known her at all. Having a good mom is something to be grateful for.

I have to say that I have been blessed with a good mom. She has been through so much in her life it is hard for me to believe how much love she was able to give me. She has not been a perfect mom but she has done the best she could and 토끼맘 she has always got my back no matter what. She is like my best friend and the one that will be by my side no matter who I am and what I face in this life. When all feels empty at times. I turn to God and thank him for blessing me with such a good mom. I have met a few people along the way and I have herd some horrible stories on how their mom has treated them or raised them. It is really sad and it just reminds me of something great I have in my life that other people may not. The little things we forget that are really so big.

The difference between a good or bad mom can seem easy to separate but not so much. I do think it is important for us to understand that our moms are human beings and the way they have been treated in life or the troubles they have faced has a big part on how they treat you and the love they show. If you are like me and have had a very scrambled life with tons of problems. You might meet someone or know someone who has it all together and it seems like they have a close to perfect life. I guarantee you that person was raised well and had a very good mother. The reason why that person had such a great mom is probably because she had a good life as well. She probably found the right man and never went through a divorce. The man she met may have been very successful and smart. That gave her more time to focus on her children and less time worrying about the stress of living and finances. This is just an example of how it is not always your mothers fault for the way your life has turned out. The life she lived before she had you plays a roll on how you were raised and the life you have been given. We were all dealt a hand in this life and everything is a chain reaction. It all begins with your mom.

The death of a mother or not having a mom at all brings so much struggle and pain to ones life. People who never really had a mom are normally stronger willed and have more fight in them than most people. That is because they had to make there own way and in some ways raised them selves. I have also found that people with no mom value and love their children so much more. I think they understand how hard it was for them and they want to make sure they give their child everything they never had. Even though you may have had a bad mom, no mom or lost her by death. You may have a stronger heart and it has given you the will to show love for your children and make sure you do not make the mistakes your mother did. It is not a good thing having a motherless life but, it can make you the best mother a child can have which is a good thing.

No matter what kind of mom you have had. She is and will always be a part of you. You may have to forgive or learn how to appreciate. Just know that if it was not for her you would not be here. I am sure she is doing the best she can and she loves you. The word love means so much and having a mom that loves you is all you really need when it comes to having a good mom. They may not show it right or make mistakes but, love is strong and it will show when you need it most. Having a mom that loves you and cares about you is a great thing to have in this life and something to be thankful for.

In most cases our mom is doing the best she can or did the best she can. Be thankful for your mom no matter what. She is the reason you are here. Maybe this is the time to show your love towards her. Being optimistic and appreciating the good things you do have in love will bring you more peace than you can imagine. If you liked reading this? Check out my blog,