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E-cigarette Liquid - The Inexpensive Deal Over Conventional Cigarettes

"Sammy Tibbs" (2019-11-29)

E-cigarette liquid is a mixture of two chemical components, namely propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol along with prescribed amount of Nicotine that is used in the E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes are the replacement of the traditional tobacco cigarettes that were not only harmful to the smokers but also affected the passive smokers since it do not include the combustion of tobacco for Nicotine consumption. Though it has Nicotine as one of its principal component, but since it is electronically heated, the potent harm gets reduced in its usage.

First introduced in the year 2004, E-cigarette is basically a vaporizer device that stimulates the same feeling as that of the tobacco cigarette. Although the benefits of using E-cigarette cannot be specifically stated, yet according to multiple surveys they are safer than the traditional cigarettes. Nicotine, the main component of cigarette, is considerably less harmful than tobacco and does not have the similar ill-effects as that of tobacco. FDA has prescribed a safe limit of Nicotine consumption that should be maintained in the E-liquids of the E-cigarettes. Further, according to a survey, the use of E-cigarette does not cause Nicotine dependency as well unlike the regular cigarettes. Considering this, it is widely used by the people who want to quit smoking. However, the long-term risks of E-cigarettes are not yet found because it is just a decade old.

This electronic device mainly consist of three parts, namely, Tank which contains the E-cigarette liquid, atomizer which heats up the tank and the rechargeable battery that provides power to heat the liquid. The E-Nicotine liquid filled in them gets heated when the power unit of the cigarette is turned on, this heated liquid forms nicotine-rich vapours which stimulates the feeling of smoking a tobacco cigarette. It satiates the need of the smoker in a comparatively lesser harmful way.

E cigaret med nikotin-Nicotine liquid or better known as E-cigarette liquid is a mix of base ingredients along the main component, Nicotine. The two base ingredients are Propylene Glycol, which is considerably rough on throat but has an enhanced flavour and the other one is Vegetable Glycerol which is smoother on throat but is mild in flavour. The liquid is inflammable, but it should not be directly exposed to skin. Further, E-liquids are available in variety of flavours in the market. The different types of E-cigarette liquid depends on the amount of Nicotine used, quality of Nicotine, base ingredients and flavours. Flavours used in these cigarettes are the similar food extracts that are generally used in different food products. They are added in the base ingredient in different ratios.

The reason for the rise in popularity of E-cigarettes can be accounted to the fact that it is comparatively safer than cigarettes since it does not involve the traditional combustion of tobacco and also because it is inexpensive than the regular cigarettes. It is because these cigarettes can be refilled with the E-Nicotine liquid whenever the cartridge gets empty. There are numerous online websites that sell different flavours of E-liquids

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