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Traveling Experience With Korean Airline

"Joann Byerly" (2019-11-14)

Recently, I traveled to Seoul so I booked my business class ticket with Korean Airline. I booked my flight with the air reward miles which I had collected of Korean Airline, as I got my boarding pass I was directed towards Korean Air Lounge. To enter the lounge I had to pass through a security check point. Once I entered the lounge I found that the lounge wasn't too big, it was small with comfortable seating. There was one snack table where they served fresh fruits and veggies, finger sandwiches, pretzels, different kinds of cheese. There was also a coffee machine, a mini bar that served mid-level liquor and California wines and a refrigerator which had beer and soft drinks in it.

342655-36e55-82482351-m750x740-uf2bbc.jpThe lounge had a few flat screens TV that was tuned to sports and news channel. I found it boring but I had my laptop with me so I used the free WIFI service offered in the lounge. There was also a small conference room where people were working on their tablets and laptops. The bathroom of the lounge was nice and bright and odorless. In a while, I heard the announcement for boarding that our flight was ready for departure. The boarding was done in an orderly manner the economy passengers were directed through a separate line the business and first class passengers were directed through another line.

When I entered the business class cabin of the airline I felt excited since the atmosphere in the business class was amazing. The moment I entered I felt refreshed; all the seats were huge and looked very comfortable; they were teal color the signature color of Korean Airlines. My seat was an aisle seat it had a 15.4 inches seatback television and was in fact it was touch screen. My seat also had a detachable remote, and the entertainment unit in the airline had several western and Asian movies, television shows, games and songs in it. The seat had 2 USB ports for charging the devices and two universal adapter plugs. The seat could also be set in three postures upright, reclined and flat bed.

The overall look of the cabin was good, it offered a relaxing feeling. It was clean and smelled good. The lightning effects in the plane were pretty cool, it kept changing from the sunset hued orange shade it turned to purple dark blue and when the meal was served it was lighten up normally.

The amenity kit of Korean Airlines included a pair of slippers so that the passengers could take of their shoes and walk in slippers without making their socks grimy. The amenity kit also included a toothbrush and toothpaste, a comb, a lip balm, eye mask and eye cream. Unfortunately it didn't include The recognition of Korean Theatre Throughout Asia and the World ear plugs and pjs.

The meal options on Korean Airline had both western and eastern options. For the lunch I choose, roasted zucchini with eggplant rolled in cream cheese and for appetizer I selected tomato cream soup. With the mean they also served different assorted cheese and for dessert they served lemon tart and ice cream. In the evening snack time they setup a galley area where they served fresh baked cookies and tea. A couple of hours before the landing, dinner was served. For dinner, I selected a light green salad with Italian dressing, for the main course I had seafood linguini with herb-cream sauce and shrimp wonton noodle soup, with seasonal fresh fruit for the dessert.

My overall experience with the Korean Airline was perfect I loved the business class cabin. The flight attendant services weregood, the food was delicious the airplane was clean and spotless. The entertainment unit had a good selection of movies and music. So overall I loved traveling with Korean Airlines.

Traveling with Korean Airlines was the best experience for me, I got my free business class ticket by using my air reward miles, you should do the same and try the services of this airline.