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5 Top Myths About Weight Loss

"Verla Krause" (2020-05-07)

lettuce, salad, food, cooking, weight loss, healthMaking a decision to lose weight is the first step towards a healthy and wholesome life. According to the top weight loss surgeons in India, losing weight and shedding the excess fat from the body is highly beneficial for the overall health of an individual. It eliminates the risk of various health complications and helps a person to lead a longer life.

However, weight loss is often surrounded by a number of myths and misconceptions. Thus, it is important to gain the right knowledge about the procedure in order to successfully accomplish your goals.

Here are the 5 common weight loss myths you should stop believing:

1. Carbohydrates should be avoided completely
This is one of the most prevalent myths that is hampering the weight loss goals of a large population. According to the best bariatric surgeons in India, carbohydrate is an essential nutrient and an important element of a healthy and comprehensive body nutrition. Low-carb foods such as fruits, whole grains, brown rice, nuts, etc. fuel the human body and can potentially aid the weight loss process. However, excess consumption of carbohydrates is linked with weight gain.

2. Supplements help in losing weight
According to medical experts, supplement industry has experienced a massive boost with obesity and overweight scenarios becoming epidemic. Various supplement manufacturing companies claim that their products can support weight loss. Though many people experience notable results, experts believe that this is majorly due to the placebo effect. On the contrary, losing weight naturally and with the help of healthy practices delivers long-term results.

3. Weight loss is a linear process
Many misinformed people believe that weight loss is a linear process. However, it is scientifically proven to be a non-linear process. According to the top GI surgeons in India, people experience casual fluctuations with their weight from time to time due to various factors. For instance, it can be due to water weight retention or storage of food in the digestive tract.

4. All calories are equal
Calorie is scientifically defined as the measurement of energy acquired from food. Many people believe that all calories are equal, i.e. calories consumed from broccoli and candies are equal. This is false in every sense as varied calorie sources implement different effects on the body. According to health experts, different foods undergo different metabolic pathways and initiate variable effects on hunger and other related hormones that regulate bodyweight.

5. Other myths
People believe on a countless number of weighloss myths that became prevalent with the rise of the digital world and internet. They get influenced with wrongful information and eventually fail in their weightloss goals. Some other myths associated with weightloss include:

One should eat less and exercise more to get immediate results

Skipping breakfast aids weight loss

Eating after 6 in the evening leads to weightgain

Cutting on gluten guarantees weightloss

Diet foods for weight loss can fasten the weight loss process

A successful weight loss journey is a matter of commitment, determination and perseverance. People are required to strengthen their will power and work with consistency and dedication in order to achieve their weightloss goals.

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