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The Design Concept of CALVIN KLEIN

"Klaus Wang" (2020-04-17)

\ubd80\uc790\uc640 \uad50\uc721 :: \uc870\uba85\ub514\uc790\uc778, \uc870\uba85\uc778\ud14c\ub9ac\uc5b4\ub514\uc790\uc778, \uc870\uba85\uafb8\ubbf8\uae30Calvin Klein is short for CK. It is an American fashion brand.
It was founded in 1968. It's designed by Calvin Klein. He continuously got famous clothing awards. His hometown is New York. He studied in the famous New York fashion institute. CK is the best fashion brand in America. It has many related products. Its aim is perfectisim.

Each CK product is dignity and princeliness. It shows the lift style of New York. CK is the popular brand for professional female. CK includes Calvin Klein Collection, CK Calvin Klein and Calwin Klein Jeans. In addition, CK also sell casual wear, socks and underwear etc..

Calvin Klein is regarded as the noblest fashion designer in the world. His products are high grade and taste. He is also the advocator of fashionable consumption object. Recently CK developed a new ck brand. CK one is regarded as the all-around living brand.

This brand includes underwear and swimsuit series. But perfume still uses its original brand name. CK productions are seized of a lot of advantages. Since building the brand, CK has become an old and strong fashion brand. He is treated as the representative of America fashion field.
He got reputation. Modern American fashion is comfortable, extremely brief and luxury. It is also his design philosophy. He found that the essence of American style also has the same characteristics of internationalization. For example, New York isn't a classic American city.

It is an international city. Seoul and London have the same characteristics with New York. The citizens can answer his products. Because their life and demand 조명 are very similar. Modern people have convergence.
The registered trademark of CK design is minimalist style. It is the main trend in the fashion world. The founder of CK is talented and experienced. He thought his design philosophy tends to modern socialist. He will continue to focus on aesthetics and purely simply.

He concentrates on elegant and easy style. He is always trying to be pure, sexy and elegant. He is doing his best to show unified style. He thought customers can follow his design and cooperate with him. The key role of CK brand is sexy. So CK advertisements are full of sex and tempting.
CK ads love to apply naked people to display the elegant and beautiful style. However CK may use subtle methods to promote its products to increase popularity. This advertisement got many arguments. And it is also criticized by the British advertising standards department.

In fact CK's sexy philosophy is manifold and different. So recently CK uses a group of vigor and young people who has bright smile and beautiful body to show CK spirit. The glamour easily capture the mind of consumers. CK wants to continue to inject the vigor spirit to social and family life.
And they will begin to design cloth for middle class professional women. Modern female are kind and beautiful. But they don't have to time to dress themselves and buy elegance clothes. They like to wear elegant and easy clothes. Actually it is the main stream of future modern life.

As for body figure, they are pure and fresh. Thus the central plan of CALVIN KLEIN is to establish sexy and natural lifestyle to increase awearness.
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