A Survey of ESP Degree, Diploma, Certificate and Credential Programs Worldwide

Wm. R. Holden III


The following is a compilation of information regarding ESP degree, diploma, certificate and credential programs worldwide. To merit inclusion in this survey, a program must bestow either a credential in English for Specific Purposes or one in an area typically recognized as the province of ESP, such as Business English or English for Science and Technology. While the majority of the institutions offering ESP training are located in the UK, a significant number of the programs described offer distance or short-term residential options which could be pursued by candidates residing in other locations. As the information contained was obtained directly from the Internet, any and all representations regarding programs should be attributed to their original poster(s). Please make use of each institution’s contact information to obtain current course-related information for any program(s) included in the survey. The omission of information regarding any program(s) was purely unintentional and should in no way be construed as a comment on any institution and/or its programs; in order to keep this reference both current and comprehensive, readers are invited to submit program information to the author at. Updates to this information and links to these programs are available online at http://www.nsknet.or.jp/~holden/index.html. (English for Specific Purposes on the WWW Homepage).


ESP courses survey; ESP training.

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